What Makes Encompass One Different from Handyman Services?

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Our Home Maintenance Program Keeps Your Kansas City-Area House in Top Shape

What if we told you that you could call one local phone number and have all your home maintenance needs taken care of? What if that phone number put you in contact with home maintenance and home improvement experts, who manage every aspect of your household projects for you?

You might think that it’s a special type of handyman repair service in the Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, and Leawood, but you’d be wrong! EncompassOne Home Solutions is a special breed of home service provider, with the goal of helping you stay in your home and keep it in the best condition as long as possible.

Let’s explore why we’re different from a Johnson County, KS handyman service and what you can expect from our unique offering.

We Provide Home Maintenance Services

Generally, people call a handyman when they need a repair or small upgrade to their home. These are generally one-person jobs requiring only a few days of labor at most.

Handymen don’t typically offer general home maintenance services, which are tasks that keep your home in good working order and prevent the need for repair. EncompassOne Home Solutions, however, handles a lengthy list of home maintenance tasks, including the cost of labor and materials, for you when we visit your home twice per year.

Our twice-yearly tasks include:

If you do, by chance, find a handyman who agrees to do general maintenance for your home, they will charge you for each task individually, plus all the equipment necessary to perform them, racking up quite a large bill that you’ll need to pay.

We Handle All Types of Remodels and Upgrades

If you’re already entrusting us to help you maintain your home, then we’re the obvious choice for any home renovations you seek! If you’re looking for small room remodels or building additions to your house, there’s only one number to call: 913-210-2293.

For big projects, like new roofs, windows, or siding, we collaborate with our in-house network of service providers. We’ll manage them and the project for you.

EncompassOne Home Solutions has hand-selected these contractors, who agree to abide by our code of ethics and meet our operational expectations. Like us, they are experts in their field and do the best possible quality work.

Now, let’s compare us to a handyman’s capability. If the job is too big for a handyman, they will either decline the opportunity altogether, or recruit someone less skilled to assist them. But when it comes to home improvement projects, you should be hiring someone with the best skills. That’s why EncompassOne Home Solutions is better than a handyman service.

We Offer a Home Maintenance Subscription Program

When you join our maintenance program, we partner you with a dedicated Home Service Manager. This is who you’ll talk to and meet with every time you have a question or need and who will schedule your twice-yearly home visit.

At the beginning of each scheduled maintenance visit, your technician will talk to you about any questions or concerns you have, before proceeding through our comprehensive checklist, which covers almost every part of your home. When they’re finished, our technician will review their report with you, going line-by-line so that you understand your home’s condition. They’ll also be able to complete any additional maintenance for you at that time, or at another scheduled appointment.

A handyman doesn’t offer a subscription package, in which your cost of maintenance is spread over the course of a year, making it affordable. And because of our flat-rate monthly fee, we aren’t going to upcharge you for tasks performed on our maintenance checklist. That’s our customer service promise in action!

We Stick With You Beyond Your Home Projects

When you join our Overland Park home maintenance subscription program, you’ll get benefits your local handyman doesn’t provide.

First, our subscribers gain access to our Homeowner Help Line. With one phone call, you can get advice from experts about your home, at no cost to you.

You may also receive a reduced homeowners insurance premium, depending on your insurance provider! Because our services are shown to help prevent major losses and insurance claims, when you submit your membership information to your insurance agent, you could qualify for a discount.

And finally, you can save a lot of time by calling just one number for all your home needs, rather than sifting through business cards or Internet listings of home service providers. Less hassle finding the help you need means you can dedicate your time to things that matter most to you, like your family, hobbies, and relaxation.

Sign Up for Kansas City Home Maintenance Services Today

Let EncompassOne Home Solutions save you time and solve all your maintenance woes so you can enjoy living each day in a safe, well-cared-for home.

Homeownership becomes easy for busy professionals, families, and seniors looking to age in place, when you call just one phone number: 913-210-2293. Call us today to talk about home maintenance subscription plan options; we’re looking forward to meeting you.