What Home Maintenance Tasks Should You Be Doing Every Year?

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Print Our Helpful Checklist to Follow Along with Your Home Maintenance Program Manager!

When you sign up for a home maintenance program with EncompassOne Home Solutions, you receive twice-per-year maintenance visits from a home maintenance expert. Our knowledgeable team member who is assigned to you will go through our extensive checklist to ensure all aspects of your home are in good condition and working order.

If you’re low on energy, losing your strength, or just too busy to maintain your home, our program allows you to keep living in the place you love! Our valued clients find owning a home to be much less stressful when they know they can count on EncompassOne Home Solutions to perform necessary inspections and home repairs for them.

Let’s take a look at what our home maintenance program covers. You can follow along with our technician when they visit your home, or simply read through this list so you know exactly what they’re up to when they’re working for you.

Appliance Maintenance To-Do List

Your home appliances can be costly to repair and replace, which is why preventative maintenance is so important to extend their useful lives and ultimately save you money.

Our home maintenance tech will:

Plumbing Maintenance Reduces the Need for Home Repairs

A water leak in your home can spell disaster, especially if it goes unnoticed for any amount of time. Regular maintenance of the plumbing fixtures and connections in your home prevents leaks and the major problems they can cause.

During your service visit, EncompassOne Home Solutions will:

Electrical Maintenance Included in Your Home Maintenance Program

Here’s an obvious statement: modern homes require electricity. Properly maintaining the electrical components of your home is important for your safety.

Twice per year, our service technician will:

Door and Hardware Maintenance Tasks

Squeaky or sticky doors are annoying at best. EncompassOne Home Solution keeps them working smoothly by:

Heating and Cooling Home Maintenance To-Do List

Your home should be comfortable no matter what kind of weather we’re experiencing here in Lenexa, Kansas, and surrounding areas. We’ll take care of every heating and cooling system component in your home, including:

Pest and Damage Control

Your home is your castle. Ensure you aren’t being invaded and that it’s sturdy and steadfast!

EncompassOne Home Solutions will:

Tracking The Age of Your Home Appliances and Components

EncompassOne Home Solutions references industry-standard replacement intervals to track the age of your equipment in your home. This enables us to inform you of when they’re nearing the end of their useful lives and may need replacing.

Tracking the age of your equipment allows you to better plan for upgrades and repairs, especially those that are more costly. We’ll track your:

In addition, we’ll monitor the condition of other major home systems, like your air conditioner, heater, hot water tank, and more.

Meet Our Top-Notch Home Repairs and Maintenance Company Today!

If you’ve been looking for a service provider for home maintenance near you, and you’re just not satisfied with who you’re finding, or if you’re wary of hiring random handymen and inviting them into your home, give EncompassOne Home Solutions a try this year.

A home maintenance service company, we work with area homeowners to ensure their houses remain functional and safe, even when they aren’t able to perform the tasks themselves anymore.

When you hire us, you are able to dedicate your time to activities you enjoy; skip the hassle of calling multiple companies to get the help you need; remain in your home longer and avoid transitioning to independent living communities; reduce future home repair costs; and reduce insurance claims because of major issues.

Contact us today to speak to a home manager, by calling 913-210-2293.