Top 8 Most Common Home Maintenance Issues

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Avoid the Problems That Plague Johnson County, KS Homeowners with Help from EncompassOne Home Solutions

Home repairs and maintenance take up so much of your time that you can’t fully enjoy life. And as you age, performing these tasks gets harder and harder. But you don’t want your home to fall into a state of disrepair, negating the years of careful upkeep and pride of ownership.

The types of problems you experience with your home are likely quite common, requiring knowledge, time, and energy to resolve them. A home maintenance program could be just what you need to stay in your home for longer or free up your time to do things that are important to you.

If you are tired of solving these common household problems, then a single phone call to EncompassOne Home Solutions is all that it takes to get the help you need.

Clogged Drains

It seems like the smallest amount of hair and other debris can clog sink and shower drains. And they can be a pain to remove, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Clogs can lead to water backing-up in your tub and sink, slow drainage, and lots of inconvenience.

Rather than pay for an emergency plumber to come unclog your drains, you could have drain cleaning performed twice each year in your home with a maintenance subscription from EncompassOne Home Solutions. This relatively swift maintenance task could save you hundreds of dollars on plumber visits.

Door Problems

Interior and exterior doors can have lots of problems, even though they’re technically quite simple. Your doors might give you trouble with squeaking, feeling “rough” to open and close, sticking in the frame, locks and latches not properly aligning, or even being drafty at the base of the door.

As your house settles – which can be a totally normal process, by the way – your doors and latches need adjusting. As metal ages, it needs a little help with oil, and at a certain point, replacement with newer hardware.

Don’t wait for the time when you can no longer easily swing open your linen closet door, or when your front door deadbolt doesn’t line up with the strike plate. Have your doors checked for functionality on a regular basis, with help from EncompassOne Home Solutions.

Dirty Filters and Vents

Did you know there are filters and vents all over your home? We’re talking about dryer vents, HVAC vents and filters, dishwasher traps and filters, and more.

You could set aside a day to clean out all of them, but you’d need to get up and down a ladder, sit on the floor, squeeze into tight places, and potentially reach into enclosed spaces to clean out messes. It’s altogether unpleasant, but necessary to keep your appliances working properly, help ensure your indoor air is clean to breathe, and that you don’t accidentally cause a fire.

Companies that provide home maintenance near you, like EncompassOne Home Solutions can take over these dirty jobs for you! Call us to learn why we should be your first and only phone call for home maintenance.

Household Pests

No one wants to share their home with creepy crawlers like termites or mice. But these pesky critters take aim for cozy homes like yours, chewing through wood, wiring, and generally making a mess.

Careful observation and examination will help you spot warning signs that you have unwanted guests so you can react quickly to take care of the problem, rather than letting it stew and becoming overrun.

Your EncompassOne Home Solutions Home Manager will check over your house for signs of pests twice per year, looking in all the places they love to hide, so you can banish them quickly and effectively, should they rear their ugly heads.

Plumbing Leaks

Your plumbing can spring leaks without you knowing, and you don’t realize it until you have an obvious stain on your ceiling or damaged drywall. Leaks also commonly appear under sinks and toilets, when connections loosen or pipes crack from age and use. Long-term water leaks can result in mold growth and mildew, both of which can make you very sick.

A set of expert eyes can help you spot potential plumbing problems and get them fixed before the damage they cause becomes too costly and before you start to feel the health effects. Our observant technicians are ready to perform your first home maintenance inspection, when you join our subscription plan!

Roof Leaks

Much like with plumbing leaks, you may not even notice your roof is leaking until it’s done major damage to your ceiling and drywall or causes mold growth.

Experts see the signs of damage more easily than a layman, so you can get the necessary repairs completed and save your home from future or more severe problems.

Drywall Cracks or Holes

Most houses settle gradually over time, which can cause your drywall or plaster to crack above door frames. For many houses, this is simply a cosmetic issue, resolved by applying spackle to the crack, smoothing it out, and painting over it.

And because many Overland Park-area homes use drywall for interior walls, there’s also a risk of holes getting punched into them, by swinging doors, moving furniture, bumping of a mobility scooter, and other clumsy accidents. A similar repair process works well for these holes; experts can apply a patch that makes the repair nearly invisible!

EncompassOne Home Solutions not only performs home inspections twice a year, but our technicians are also able to carry out additional home repairs like patching drywall cracks and holes, so your home interior looks kept-up and tidy.

Appliance Wear-and-Tear

Well-cared-for appliances can last decades – and sometimes they don’t! Having an expert on your team to track the age of your appliances and ensure they’re functioning properly can help you prepare for a time when you may need to replace them.

For example, the average modern kitchen refrigerator lasts about 12 years, according to the Department of Energy. Your Home Services Manager at EncompassOne Home Solutions will help you track and remember when you purchased your refrigerator and give you an estimated timeline for how long you can expect it to last you, based on their inspection of it, its age, and its current functionality.

Call Our Home Maintenance Service Company

If it’s home repairs and general maintenance you’re seeking, EncompassOne Home Solutions has you covered with our subscription service that includes two maintenance visits per year, access to a dedicated Home Services Manager and a network of reliable contractors, plus a homeowner’s hotline for any questions you have between visits.

Call us for help maintaining your home anywhere in the Kansas City metro area, including Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee, and Lenexa.