Preventive Home Maintenance in 2023

professional home maintenance

Modern homes come with high maintenance needs. They have many systems and appliances, all of which are becoming increasingly complex as the world transitions to smart home products. Even homeowners who have the technical knowledge of basic home maintenance rarely find themselves with the time to keep up these days, and neglecting essential tasks now can result in costly repairs later.

Thankfully, EncompassOne Home Solutions makes professional home maintenance services available to homeowners in Kansas City. Most people used to associate the provision of professional preventive maintenance with commercial buildings and landlords with large residential properties. Now, all homeowners across the city can take advantage of the unique benefits of having a home maintenance professional available to keep their properties in top condition.

What Is Professional Home Maintenance?

When residential property owners sign up for an EncompassOne Home Solutions professional maintenance program, they will get access to a dedicated home manager. This industry expert will coordinate the care of essential systems and appliances, including comprehensive bi-annual inspections to look for problems before they cause the need for repairs. 

The types of active maintenance services provided are tailored to the home’s needs. They can include anything from cleaning behind refrigerators and disinfecting garbage disposals in the kitchen to adjusting towel bars in bathrooms. There’s no task too small for a home maintenance expert because these professionals understand that minor issues can quickly turn into major problems if left unaddressed.

Should something go wrong in the meantime, homeowners can also call their home managers for help with arranging additional maintenance services, inspections, and repairs. There’s no issue too small for EncompassOne Home Solutions, so even if homeowners have questions about seemingly minor things like how often to change the filters in their furnaces, they can call for help.

The Benefits of Professional Home Maintenance with EncompassOne Home Solutions

Regular home maintenance is the key to maintaining property values, keeping residents safe and healthy, reducing energy consumption, and increasing peace of mind. For elderly or disabled homeowners, professional maintenance can help them maintain independence.

Having a professional inspect the home every six months helps homeowners save money by avoiding costly repairs. The maintenance service will cover every major part of the home, including inspections of appliances, plumbing systems, electrical systems, doors, hardware, ceiling fans, HVAC systems, and more. The best benefit is the TIME a Home Service Manager will save you. You will not have to manage a single project or repair of your home! EncompassOne Home Solutions will do that for you!

Having an experienced professional inspect the home and make adjustments to systems as needed makes it easier to avoid expensive forms of home repair in Kansas City. Instead of waiting until things go drastically wrong with major systems, home maintenance technicians catch and resolve problems early while they’re still manageable.

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The Importance of Tracking Appliance Lifespans

Modern homes feature an astounding number of appliances and devices. Keeping track of how long it’s been since each of them was installed is an unrealistic goal for most people. EncompassOne Home Solutions track appliance lifespans to compare them against each one’s expected usable life. When appliances and devices start to get old, home managers will let the homeowners know so they can make more informed decisions about how to best use their money and whether it will be more cost-effective in the long run to repair items or replace them.

Get Access to a Dedicated Homeowner Help Line

Everyone has questions or concerns about their homes from time to time. Knowing who to call for free, expert advice makes issues much easier to handle. When homeowners work with home maintenance companies, they’ll know just who to call when something goes wrong or an important question pops into their heads. Your EncompassOne Home Solutions home manager is always a phone call away.

Help With Repairs and Improvements

Home maintenance companies often offer minor repair and upgrade services in addition to basic checks and adjustments. Even services that can’t be managed in-house can be planned for more easily with the help of a home manager. What that means is homeowners will never have to worry about finding and vetting specialized contractors, figuring out who to call for different types of problems, or determining whether the workmanship is top quality. All of the contractors partnered with EncompassOne Home Solutions will be carefully vetted for quality and value.

Learn More TodayWant to find out more about professional home maintenance? EncompassOne Home Solutions makes it easy. Homeowners can visit our website to find out everything they want to know about our home maintenance and improvement services, then schedule a free consultation. Once clients are confident that our company will be a good fit, we’ll schedule their first bi-annual maintenance visits right away. Call (913) 974-3848 to get started.

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