Preventative Home Maintenance Tasks You’ll Be Glad You Did

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Doing Home Repairs Keeps Your Abode in Tip-Top Shape in the Overland Park Area

Neglected houses that rarely receive home repairs or maintenance fall into disrepair very rapidly and end up requiring a much larger investment to get it back to its original condition.

But with ongoing home repairs, your house will continue to function well and protect you and your family for years to come.

At EncompassOne Home Solutions, our home maintenance program is designed to provide your house with the best possible care through bi-annual examinations and a lengthy maintenance task list. We complete everything for you, so you can spend time doing what matters most – or simply relaxing as you age in place in your own home.

Here are some of our team’s favorite home maintenance tasks – some of which we perform for you – that can make a big difference in the condition and safety of your house.

Direct Rainwater Away From Your Foundation

When your gutters drain close to your home and rainwater pools nearby, you risk water seeping – or flowing – into your basement.

Wet basements are loaded with risk: aesthetic damage, mold growth, and even the chance of foundation damage that requires professional intervention and bracing.

If your finished basement sustains water damage, you may have to replace drywall, flooring, and furniture to restore it to its previous condition. If it’s unfinished, you’re still faced with the task of drying it out.

Basements that take on water are at risk for developing mold, which can make you sick and present an ongoing health hazard unless mitigated right away. And foundations that must constantly stand up to water can be degraded and worn away.

So how can you keep the water out of your basement?

Extend Your Gutter Downspouts

If your gutters drain near your home’s foundation, one of the least expensive ways you can send the water farther away is by extending your downspouts.

Plastic or vinyl extensions are available at any hardware store and slip onto the end of your existing drain pipe.

Consider Grading Your Lawn

Lawns that slope toward your home could result in wet basements. Contact a professional landscape service to grade your lawn using heavy equipment. Or, you can do it yourself if you have the time and energy.

Ideally, the ground around your home should drop one inch for every foot that you move away from the house for the first five to ten feet.

Hiring Professionals to Perform the Work

Extending your downspouts or grading your lawn may not be areas in which you’re skilled. If you need help finding services to perform home maintenance near you, then you’ll want to sign up with EncompassOne Home Solutions.

We will help you identify ways you can keep your basement dry, and schedule the work for you. Every home repair service we provide is completed by a licensed and insured professional, so you can be assured that it’s done right the first time.

Remove Lint from Your Dryer and the Vent

You already know that you should empty your dryer’s lint trap after each cycle. But lint gets trapped inside the dryer cabinet, too.

Trapped lint falls into the cabinet and can cause the exhaust vent or vent cap to clog. Clogs in these key areas of your dryer restrict airflow, which can catch fire. Eventually, the fire spreads to the exhaust vent.

Not only should you remove the cover to your dryer’s cabinet to clean it out, but you also should be checking the dryer vents and removing built-up lint.

If you need help performing them, you’ll want to sign up for our home maintenance program from EncompassOne Home Solutions. Your dedicated home manager will schedule two yearly maintenance visits and be ready to answer any questions you have at any time.

Clean Air Return and Supply Grilles

Homes with forced-air heating and cooling systems have return and supply grilles on exposed ends of ductwork, which runs between walls and under floors in your house.

These ducts send warm or cool air – depending on whether your air conditioner or furnace is on – to every room of your house. As you can imagine, blowing air also carries dust particles, which can trigger allergies. Spreading dust particles also means you are cleaning your home more often to help mitigate the build-up on your furniture and ceiling fans.

Cleaning your grilles is an easy way you can help keep dust at bay. Generally, your home’s ductwork is shielded from collecting debris, but the grilles trap particles.

To clean your grilles, simply remove them from where they’re installed. Floor registers generally lift out of their space. You’ll need a screwdriver for the wall-mounted grilles. Then, you can wash them in your kitchen sink and let them dry thoroughly before re-installing them. Some grilles can even be cleaned in your dishwasher, depending on what they’re made of.

Our home maintenance service company cleans your return and supply grilles for you twice a year, so it’s one fewer task on your to-do list.

Our Overland Park Area Home Maintenance Program is as Easy as 1-2-3

Unfortunately, homeowners spend the bulk of their free time taking care of their houses. Busy, young families and professionals must balance their schedules between family activities, their jobs, and home repairs and maintenance.

And older adults who wish to continue living in their homes may not have the dexterity, muscle, or stamina necessary to complete important home maintenance tasks.

A home maintenance program with a low monthly fee is just the ticket to freeing up your time so you can spend it doing what you love – or simply relaxing and enjoying your latest chapter in life.

First, call EncompassOne Home Solutions at 913-210-2293 to speak to one of our home managers. They will help you determine the maintenance package best suited for you. Then, they’ll schedule your first maintenance visit with one of our professional technicians.

Second, our technician will come out and complete our long task list of home maintenance chores so you don’t have to do them. Their expertise makes them particularly qualified to keep your home in top condition. Then, they’ll schedule your next appointment in six months to do it all over again.

And third, if you ever need any additional maintenance tasks, home repairs, improvements, or renovations, you need only to call your dedicated home manager to get a free estimate from a licensed and insured contractor. We’ll manage the project for you and ensure it’s completed to your high standards and satisfaction.

Want to learn more about our life-changing service? Contact us today.

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