Preserving Your Haven: The Importance Of A Home Maintenance Plan

Home Maintenance

Homeownership is a great joy and can be quite freeing without being under the thumb of a landlord. Unfortunately, homeownership can also be a lot of work. Regular maintenance and repairs of the various aspects of the home can be time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, a home maintenance service plan can ease the burden of homeownership.

What Is Home Maintenance?

To ensure a home stays safe and comfortable, certain maintenance tasks must be performed regularly to keep things working as they should. For example, every year, a home’s furnace requires cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance to ensure it is ready for the winter months. A home maintenance service can manage these tasks for homeowners.

Most aspects of a home require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work as they should. From the HVAC system to kitchen appliances, proper checks and cleanings ensure these items not only run but run efficiently.

Many maintenance tasks require specialized skills to ensure safe and proper completion. For example, roof maintenance requires climbing on the roof to inspect the various shingles for damage. If not properly trained, homeowners could be at risk of falling or causing damage. They may even miss signs of roofing problems.

A professional should manage many of the home maintenance tasks. They can easily provide the proper preventive home maintenance for each aspect needing to be maintained. Not only will they provide the necessary care needed to keep the system working as it should, but they will also help identify potential problems to allow quick repair.

How Can A Maintenance Plan Help?

Hiring a professional to handle all home maintenance is a good idea for homeowners. However, with all the maintenance that needs to be performed regularly, the maintenance costs can add up over a year. In addition, remembering when each task needs to be completed can be challenging. Fortunately, these service plans can help with this.

With a home maintenance plan, homeowners are assigned a home manager. The manager schedules all necessary maintenance appointments and oversees the contractor performing the work. Once completed, the manager provides a thorough list of all tasks performed as well as any problems or potential problems found during the visit.

These plans can even save homeowners significantly. Each covered maintenance visit is included in the monthly fee for the service plan. When considering just a home’s furnace maintenance can be as high as $200, homeowners will save hundreds or even thousands by covering many parts of their home.  

Does The Plan Cover Repairs?

These plans only cover preventive maintenance in the home. They do not cover home repairs. However, having proper maintenance performed can prevent many types of problems homeowners may face

throughout the year. In addition, the contractor may even help identify problems early. This early detection will allow prompt repairs before they get worse and more costly.

How Does a Maintenance Plan Save Homeowner’s Money on Repairs?

Although the plan does not cover repairs, homeowners can still save significantly on repairs in many ways. The first is by having access to professional, trusted contractors. These contractors will provide professional services to ensure repairs are performed properly. Professional repairs prevent further complications due to having an unskilled handyman perform the job.

In addition, homeowners will get greatly discounted services by using the network of contractors. In some cases, the discount may be as much as 50% over competitors. Not only can homeowners use the services for repairs but they can use the contractors for home improvement as well.

Another money-saving feature of having a home maintenance plan is prevention. By having preventive maintenance performed, many common repairs can be simply avoided. This alone will save homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the term of the service plan.

Energy efficiency is also another aspect where homeowners can save money. All maintenance and repairs are performed with efficiency in mind. When a furnace or appliance is running efficiently, it will save homeowners energy costs.

Benefits For Those Aging In Place

For homeowners planning to age in place, these services can be very beneficial. Seniors can focus their energy on living their lives instead of keeping their houses working properly. Every homeowner gets assigned a home manager. These managers keep track of all the maintenance and repair services needed throughout the entirety of the home.

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