The EncompassOne Contractor Service Network

Our Family of Vetted, Quality Contractors for Home Repairs, Renovations, and Home Improvement Projects.

When it comes to larger projects such as roof repairs, home renovations, replacement windows, siding, and others, we rely on our in-house network of service providers. Each is a professional in their respective area of expertise. Each has been chosen to work for EncompassOne because they provide reliable, honest, and thorough service to our customers. In addition, each member of our Contractor Service Network is properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our Contractor Service Network
EncompassOne Contractor

As Kansas City’s leading resource for home repairs and home improvements, EncompassOne relies on expert repair service professionals in our network of carefully selected service contractors. Through diligent research, vetting, and evaluations, we determine which contractors are worthy of being a part of our network of home repair, improvement, and renovation professionals. We always manage our contractors and projects for you through the dedicated home service manager assigned to your membership.

We only work with the best! To be considered for our contractor network, each contractor must abide by our code of ethics and meet our operational expectations. These expectations include:

  • Full background checks.
  • Verification of insurance coverages and meeting licensure requirements.
  • Having a commission-free payment structure for their personnel.
  • Never partaking in misleading or deceptive sales tactics.
  • Honoring all warranties and call-backs on services rendered and equipment.
  • Responding to customer service concerns within eight business hours.
  • Requiring a dress code for all workers, including a specific uniform.
  • Using vehicles with the company’s logo when making service calls.
  • Holding authorization to distribute and install their equipment, where required by the manufacturer.
  • Checking for extended warranties, recalls, and technical service bulletins from the manufacturer when servicing mechanical equipment.
  • Never upselling or offering add-ons that are not in the best interest of the customer.
  • Immediately notifying EncompassOne Home Solutions in the event of any changes to their company that may affect their financial stability or performance.

Want to be one of the contractors who gets it done for EncompassOne?

Call us at 913-210-2293 for more information about working with EncompassOne or to apply to join our contractor network. Work with the first (and best!) home maintenance and repair service in the Greater Kansas City Area!