How to Help an Elderly Family Member Age in Place

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Hire a Home Repairs and Maintenance Service, Landscapers, and More

As elderly family members age, it gets harder and harder for them to take care of their homes and live alone. But they can be resistant to the idea of moving into an independent living facility or even into a senior living community.

They’ve lived in the same place for decades and have taken great pride in home ownership over the years. So how can you help your relative age in place, despite mobility, strength, balance, and health issues? How can you help them better enjoy their golden years?

The best way is to find home services that fill in the gaps of their capabilities and free up their time, so they can spend it enjoying life.

Landscaping Services

For seniors, yard work is one of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a home. There’s lots to contend with: heavy equipment, weather, and time-consuming processes that render them worn out.

Lawn mowing and edging, seeding, watering, and planting can all be handled by a reputable lawn service and landscaping company. There are many of them in most areas, so you have plenty of options when it’s time to find one that matches your family member’s budget and needs.

Get recommendations from friends and coworkers, and read reviews online, before making an initial appointment for a consultation. You can even schedule appointments on a weekly basis to keep your loved one’s lawn in top shape.

Home Health Care

As humans age, they’re likely to acquire a few health problems along the way. If your loved one isn’t quite ready for assisted living, a home health aide or nurse could make a big difference in their lives.

These carers can visit daily or weekly to help manage medication, monitor health, and handle minor procedures or medical equipment changes. Home health care may even be covered by insurance, so be sure to check with your loved one’s insurance carrier about coverage and availability.

Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

Much like yard work, cleaning a house can become difficult due to declines in mobility, strength, and energy. A regularly-scheduled housekeeping service can ensure that your loved one’s home gets the cleaning it needs.

Dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms all tend to be included in a regular cleaning service. Many companies offer a la carte services, too, so you can mix-and-match what needs done to keep your elderly family member living in their home for longer.

A clean home is also a healthier home, so hiring a housekeeper could help prevent your senior family member from falling ill as frequently, as well as protect them from food poisoning and infection.

Home Maintenance Service Companies

Maintaining a home helps its systems run properly and protects its value. Your elderly loved one may have great difficulties doing general home maintenance tasks or communicating with individual service providers on the phone to schedule regular maintenance.

Hiring a home maintenance service company to take care of all household maintenance tasks and home repairs can be a relief! A company, like EncompassOne Home Solutions, sends out a knowledgeable technician to check on the health of all home systems, including walls, flooring, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and more, and to conduct basic maintenance at the same time, by going down a checklist.

Twice-annual visits help keep your loved one’s home in good condition and free them of the stress that comes with home maintenance.

Sign Up for a Home Maintenance Near You in Overland Park

Homeowners like you in Johnson County, Kansas and in surrounding areas can relieve themselves of time-consuming and stressful home maintenance when they sign up for a home maintenance program with EncompassOne Home Solutions, a member of and accredited by the Age Safe America Council.

For as little as $78 per month, our subscription package helps you take care of your home. Subscribers receive two maintenance visits per year, and a dedicated home manager to help with any concerns or questions you may have.

During the two home visits, your manager will perform any in-scope maintenance work, and help you with referrals to specialized service providers should they discover anything that needs a higher level of care.

And best of all, EncompassOne Home Solutions will become the only company you need to call if you want to remodel, too! You can get unlimited free estimates and consultations for any home project you’re considering.

Learn more about our helpful service and how we can keep your loved one in their home for longer. Call us at 913-210-2293.