Rely on a Home Maintenance Service Company to Take Care of Your Olathe Home the Professional Way!

New homeowners don’t have the experience to know the best ways to maintain their houses. And veteran homeowners are approaching a time in their life that they’d rather spend their leisure hours enjoying this chapter of their lives.

But even active homeowners who spend their weekends caring for their abodes don’t do every necessary maintenance task quite often enough. In fact, to do so would mean you’re dedicating a lot of your time to home repairs and maintenance, and less time with your family, on vacation, or simply relaxing when you have the chance.

Take the EncompassOne Home Solutions challenge and see whether you’re performing these less-common home maintenance tasks at least twice per year. (We think it’s a safe bet you aren’t – and we’ll tell you why that’s actually okay.)

Cleaning the lint from inside your clothes dryer cabinet.

This is the same lint that gets wedged in and clogs your vents. Not only does this make your dryer inefficient at its job and leave your clothes wet, but the excess lint can cause a fire.

Cleaning your dishwasher filter.

If your dishwasher has developed a nasty odor or simply isn’t performing its best, you might be tempted to spend a few hundred dollars to replace it.

Or, you could clean the filter instead, and see how much cleaner your plates, silverware, and drinking glasses get. If you’re squeamish, we recommend a pair of gloves!

Disinfect your garbage disposal (and treat it right!)

Your garbage disposal is not there because of food. It’s there in case of food. That means you shouldn’t be shoving all your food scraps into the disposal. Instead, you should be using your garbage disposal to be rid of the food particles that inadvertently get washed down the drain as you rinse your dishes.

Your garbage disposal can harbor smelly old food and bacteria, so disinfecting your garbage disposal at least twice a year is key for keeping a healthy kitchen sink.

Tune up your toilets.

Just like you’d have your vehicle tuned up, your toilets need a similar treatment to ensure everything is working properly and is in good condition.

Toilet tune ups include checking that bolts are tight and that your toilet isn’t wobbling on the subfloor; cleaning rim jets that refill and rinse your toilet bowl; adjusting your chain float to save water or get a more powerful flush; tightening the flush handle; and more.

Cleaning the aerators and screens on your shower heads and sink faucets.

A dirty aerator on your faucet or shower head means water can spray out sporadically every time you turn on the tap. Prevent unwanted splatter by keeping aerators clean.

Cleaning removes hard water buildup and soap scum, and can even make your water pressure feel stronger.

Change your smoke detector batteries.

Alarms like smoke detectors are life-saving home implements. Make sure yours work by testing your batteries or changing them altogether.

If they’re hard-wired smoke detectors, you should still test their function. And if yours are more than 10 years old, it’s time to buy and install new ones.

Lubricate kitchen cabinet hardware.

Keep your cabinets opening and closing smoothly by lubricating hinges. It shouldn’t be hard to open kitchen cabinets, so adding some WD-40 to hinges will help. Well-oiled cabinet hinges also are less likely to rust.

Clean bathroom vent fans.

Your bathroom likely has a vent fan that helps direct humidity and moisture outside after a steamy shower. To ensure yours is functioning properly, you’ll want to keep the vent clean and free of dust and debris.

Cleaning your vent fan can also help keep it running quietly.

Check for pests.

Walk around the full perimeter of your home and check the exposed wood framing and joists in your basement to check for signs that you may be harboring uninvited guests.

Termites, ants, and other insect foes leave behind evidence of their presence. By regularly checking for them, you can prevent major damage to your home and keep your extermination bill low, too.

Join a Home Maintenance Program from EncompassOne Home Solutions

If you read through this list and realized you aren’t doing everything you can to take care of your home, then you need to find an expert in home maintenance near you, as soon as possible! We can help you do that.

Joining a home maintenance program can help you care for your house without hassle, stress, or long hours dealing with hand tools and a honey-do list that’s a mile long.

When you join our program for an affordable monthly fee, a dedicated home manager is assigned to you to schedule maintenance, manage home repairs and improvements you need, and answer any questions you may have about your home.

Our service is perfect for inexperienced homeowners, elderly homeowners looking to age in place, or busy families who need help balancing their schedules.

all us at 913-210-2293 or send us a message online to learn how to join.