Go Gutters! 4 Tasks To Help Keep Your Gutters in Great Shape

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Hire a Professional Home Maintenance Service Company in Overland Park to Get the Job Done

Don’t take your gutters for granted! Help them do their job like they’re meant to by properly maintaining them.

Grab your family calendar and write reminders for yourself so you remember to grab the ladder and get to work.

Here are four important tasks you can do to help ensure your gutters are working like they should.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters do a lot of good work for your home. They collect the rainwater that rolls off your roof and direct it away from your house. Without them, the area around your home would be a muddy mess!

Due to their functional nature and location, gutters are a prime collector for leaves and other tree debris. When your gutters fill up with these materials, it impedes the flow of rainwater and causes blockages. Then, your gutters overflow, and it’s like they’re not even there.

Cleaning your gutters twice a year can ensure they remain empty of leaves, acorns, and other plant materials that fall from trees, so you get the best possible drainage from your roofline.

To clean your gutters, you’ll need to climb onto a ladder and manually remove the materials. You can purchase helpful hand tools at the local hardware store to make the job a little easier.

Guard Your Gutters

If cleaning your gutters twice a year isn’t something you are comfortable doing, or you fear you don’t have time to, you can hire a company to add guards to your gutters. These guards are made of mesh or plastic and allow water to drain into the gutter, but block larger materials.

The ultimate goal of guards on your gutters is to prevent clogs and avoid gutter cleaning altogether.

Direct Your Gutters

Downspouts are an important part of your home’s gutter system. Downspouts are the section of gutter piping that direct water to the ground.

Downspouts that empty out too close to your foundation can lead to wet basements or foundation damage, however. Just as it’s important to keep your gutters clean so they drain properly, it’s important to ensure the water from your gutters empties far enough away from your home.

You can achieve this by installing french drains underground in your yard, or by adding downspout extensions and angling them away from your home’s foundation, toward the street or farther into your lawn.

Replace Your Gutters

Nothing lasts forever, gutters included. They do last quite a long time, however!

Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters have an average lifespan of 20 years, while copper ones can last up to 50 years. How often you perform maintenance and the amount of severe weather we get in Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, and De Soto can affect the longevity of your gutters.

If your gutters are showing signs of wear, then it may be time to install new ones along your roofline. Or, if your gutters were installed incorrectly, you might add new ones to improve their function. New gutters are an easy home improvement!

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