3 Benefits of Having a Dedicated Home Manager

Home Maintenance

Our Home Maintenance Program Keeps Your House in Good Condition in Kansas City

Taking care of a house requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. And at a certain point, you’re lacking all three of those things.

That’s when you call EncompassOne Home Solutions to sign up for a monthly home maintenance subscription, and work with our dedicated home manager to schedule your two annual visits. And then, when you need anything in between, including home repair and improvement, you can talk to your home manager, who will help you again and again, and answer any questions you have about keeping your home in good condition.

And while the benefits of our home maintenance program are obvious, you might not realize just how great it is to have your own home manager. Explore why this single point-of-contact can make your home maintenance even easier.

You Need to Call Just One Phone Number

When you sign up for our home maintenance subscription, write down our phone number: (913) 210-2293. This is the only number you’ll need to know.

Why is this so great? Because you don’t need to flip through a phone book or spend hours on Google looking for advice or a contact for another home repair service. Ultimately, your home manager could save you time. They’ll answer the phone when you call, and help you determine what type of help you need with your home.

Your Dedicated Home Maintenance Manager Learns About You and Your Home

Over the years that you work with one of our home managers, you’ll build a relationship with them. They’ll get to know you and your family, and understand the ins and outs of your house.

This in-depth knowledge and level of trust enables them to work with you to solve your home questions and problems, and you can be assured that you’re receiving the best possible service and craftsmanship.

You Gain Access to Our List of Approved Contractors

When you need home improvements made, it can be scary and frustrating to find the right contractor or individual service providers. And even when you read reviews online or ask for recommendations, it’s still a gamble to find someone you can trust to perform the work.

But EncompassOne Home Solutions maintains a list of contractors who we’ve rigorously vetted to ensure they deliver quality work and have the expertise to do it right. And your home manager can get you access to it when you need it.

These vetted contractors meet our high standards in order to join our network. To be considered, they must agree to abide by our code of ethics and meet our expectations. When we vet contractors, we look for them to:

We believe these practices make a service provider trustworthy, and we only want our clients to work with the most honest contractors.

Your Home Manager Schedules Your Bi-Annual Visits

With a dedicated home manager, you never need to remember to call EncompassOne Home Solutions to schedule your bi-annual maintenance visit. Your manager will schedule it for you at a time that is convenient for you.

They’ll keep in contact with you before and after the maintenance visit to help you organize necessary repairs. This keeps the stress off your shoulders.

How to Enroll in a Home Maintenance Program

If you’re growing tired of using all your free time taking care of your home, or you simply can’t do it alone anymore, EncompassOne Home Solutions can help you.

To enroll in our home maintenance program, call us or send us a message online. One of our friendly representatives will walk you through what it means to purchase a subscription from us, and what you can expect from our team.

For as little as $78 a month, you’ll receive two maintenance visits per year, your dedicated home manager, and all work performed by our in-house preferred service providers. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty on labor and installation on everything we do, plus unlimited free estimates and consultations for any other home repairs or improvements.

Our program is ideal for busy families or first-time homeowners who don’t have the time or knowledge to perform home maintenance. Empty-nesters and senior citizens or retirees also receive great benefits from joining us; you’ll never need to climb a ladder or spend your newfound free time doing tasks you don’t like!

Contact us to get started on freeing up your time, so you can spend it doing things you love, or simply relaxing and enjoying this chapter of your life.